With a healthy mix of theory and practice, I dabble in a number of software areas of interest and have enjoyed wearing many on-the-job hats. Having worked with "front-end" javascript, "back-end" services, and even infrastructural peripherals, familiar cross discipline software engineering patterns come to focus and broader understanding of the development process is gained.

Website: https://codeofserge.com
Phone: (203) 513-9289
Email: sergei.golos@gmail.com
GitHub: https://github.com/SergeiGolos
Stack Overflow: https://stackoverflow.com/users/190188/sergei-golos

Work Experience

McKesson2011 - Present

Sr. Software Engineer

As a software engineer on a service delivery team, my responsibilities included implementation of special application requirements, packaging custom configuration, and general oversight of tech-related issues for each of our clients. As the senior engineer on the team, I was also responsible for setting the strategy for some of the less trivial problems facing the team.

  • Developed a deployment strategy for customer-centric product overrides. Abstracted the complexity of WIX installer MSI behind a business problem-oriented Domain Specific Language (DSL). Automated the build process, leading to reduced build times and decreased user packaging errors.
  • Worked and oversaw design on several in-house web-based software tools. In the process, reduced duplication efforts between tools by extracting core shared elements into a supporting McKesson-branded UX framework.
  • Oversaw developer growth effort with regular "brown bag" sessions and knowledge transfer on different topics of interest.

Korchek Technologies2007 - 2011

Software Engineer

Worked on a small development team as a .NET C# developer, but like most members of a small teams, wore many hats in the process. Under the guidance of the Sr. Engineer, gained a finer appreciation for elegant and simple solution design.

  • Worked on development of new products, including CareChek 2 & 3 and Korchek Report System.
  • Pioneering new web based product, Web Unit Archive, which leveraged client side data binding frameworks to provide a thick client user experience in a web browser.
  • Involved in data conversion and automation scripts. Creating conversion mappers for legacy binary data in efforts archive customer deprecated applications.

Cosential2006 - 2007

Software Engineer

As one of three developers in the company at the time, I had the opportunity to work and many differing capacities, which was a great learning experience for this early time in my career. Cosential was my first job on a strictly web based application and it was here where I was exposed to asynchronous javascript request. Seeing the importance and impact of the technology, AJAX and front end engineering became a focus of personal growth.

  • Learned and worked with ColdFusion to maintain and extend the Cosential CMS application
  • Creating PHP data sync connections for clients database systems in order to migrate them to our service
  • Building custom websites for our clients from designer image files with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Abbott Jewelry Systems2004 - 2006

Jr. Software Engineer

Starting work while still taking classes at college, I was lucky to have played chess with the CTO at a local coffee shop. After winning against Joe, he invited me for an interview at his company and took a risk on me after looking at some PHP scripts of questionable quality. In the time I worked under Joe, his decades of experience and wisdom were a strong influence on my development as an engineer.

  • Introduction into .NET programing with ASP.NET Web Forms and VB.NET desktop applications
  • Worked with the Compact Framework version of .NET to build out and deliver inventory tracking software for Windows Mobile 5
  • Created inventory syncing storefront websites for clients of AJSLLC Edge users


  • Web Development Advanced

    • Javascript (ES5. ES6, TypeScript)
    • HTML / CSS / Bootstrap
    • Frontend MVC and MVVM
    • Angular & AngularJS
  • .NET Framework Proficient

    • C# / VB.NET / F# (beginner)
    • ASP.NET / NancyFX
    • WCF
    • .NET Core
  • Testing Proficient

    • Jasmine (JS) / Protractor
    • XUnit (.NET)
    • Fitness & SpecFlow
  • Build Tools Proficient

    • Windows Installer XML (WIX)
    • TeamCIty Server
    • NANT / PowerShell


  • English Native speaker

  • Russian Native speaker