unit testing blogs

The platform that this blog utilizes is ghost, a really simple an bare-bones blog. The main reason for this publishing engine over the pletera of choices »

lessons learned

Geeks like to tinker. And we really like our new toys. So when my girlfriend asked me to put together simple tool for her grandfathers business »

language fluency

I have heard it said that learning a second language is pretty hard, but learning subsequent languages gets progressively easier. Already an ESL (English as a »

unit testing controller resolvers

We all know the secret to responsive ng-views, right? Well, it isn't really a secret. I am talking about routeProvder.when resolvers for pre-loading asynchronous server »

daydream: future of medical technology

Every now and again, my boss asks my team and me to sharpen our minds by writing fiction. These brainstorming assignments are designed for team building »

polymorphism, not just for interviews

If you have never watched/read anything by/about Richard Feynman you need to stop reading this post right now! There is a marathon to be »

@script, annotation and angular 1.x

Note, this post has been edited on 12/11/2014 and 01/12/2015. These changes were made to keep the code base changes to handle »

y combinator

Every now and again you hear developers at some programming event talking about this fabled myth of a function, the understanding of which will transcend you »

@script, annotation for the win

While everyone is fawning over Angular 2.0, it isn't something we can really use for a while. But Tracuer and @script are here, and--as long »

it begins

Why do I code? I get paid for it. I like the creativity it unleashes. I seek to communicate (with computers). I played with legos as »